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We at Chicago Investment PTE LTD are set out to make your dreams and ideas come to life by investing and leading you through the right path to financial freedom

Welcome To Chicago Investment PTE Ltd

Chicago Investment PTE LTD is an Investment Giant in Singapore and South East Asia, Founded on 1998-07-23 with shared Capital of $5,000,000,000 United States Dollar ($6,761,000,000.00 Singapore Dollar). We are a diversified and flexible Investment Holding Company that has the Best interests of our partners at heart.

We have over the years invested in seed and start up companies across South East Asia and the Middle East and have nurtured them to household names and watch them Grow. As Chicago Investment PTE LTD Singapore is a diversified investment holding company with operations covering a broad spectrum of activities including financial services, real estate development and Trading Services, With a paid up capital of $5,000,000,000 USD with interests in e-commerce, real estate, Financial services and Trading services and High growth potential start up and Seed companies. Chicago Investment PTE LTD has over the years contributed positively and constructively to the economic growth of the Singapore , Its Investment has diversified itself to form individual subsidiaries each operating independently and specializing in their field of expertise.


How much do we invest?

We invest at the Seed, Series A, and Bridge rounds. We typically look at companies raising from USD$500k to USD$100M. We like working with co-investors that add value and are open to both leading and following other investors.


Steps To Funding

We want to be there when the story begins. In as much that we want to be part of your Beautiful story, we also love investing in growth companies with a focus on good returns. The following are the processes we use for evaluating and completing new private equity partnerships.

1. Deal Origination/ Opening of Discussion

A potential deal can either come through a company owner approaching us or from an intermediary who will try to bring both parties (Company and Deal Maker) to close the deal. In some cases, we may just approach companies who are expanding fast and wish to grow further. In a year, we come across hundreds of potential deals – but only a few are selected. In this process, you are required to Forward you companies Pitch / Business Summary for review and Evaluation.

2. Due Diligence and Deal Negotiations

Before starting detailed negotiations, we try to make sure everything is fair and square. Although Auditors and Consultants are appointed to conduct the Financial, Tax, Legal and Technical Due Diligence So in this Phase, you are required to Complete and Execute a Due Diligence Form that will be handed over to you by our Portfolio Manager – we also work side by side to understand the target company and its industry better. All the information collected at this time, is then used for negotiation.

3. Execution of Paperworks

We set out the terms and conditions (covenants, representations and warranties) and other deal terms that define (or make the deal). Contracts such as Investment Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Management Agreement, Advisory Agreement etc are drafted to include all items that put the deal together.

4. Closing

It is the conclusion of the deal, the signing of all Agreements and transferring funds. We also go ahead to provide improvements to business, from Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Information Flow to Strategy are made at each level through either the company’s management or its board.






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