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Our Services

Some of our best offered services at Chicago Investment.

Private Equity Investing

As responsible funders and investors, we ensure that the interest of investors and company management teams are always aligned. We are committed to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners.

Investment and Finance

Our highly-skilled Investment Banking teams work across various asset classes, industries and currencies to advise, arrange, underwrite, distribute and provide funding across the whole capital structure for our clients.

Financial Consulting

We offer sound advice and extensive advisory services which include M&A and advising, arranging and facilitating capital in the Debt and Equity Capital Markets through commercial paper, bonds, convertible bonds, and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Principal Investments (PI)

Our unique Principal Investments (PI) funding solution enables us to structure, advise and fund bespoke transactions in the mezzanine or shareholder layers of the capital structure. One of the main features of our PI solution is the flexibility that it provides to companies and investors.

Leveraged Finance

Our Leveraged Finance team advises, develops and structures innovative, multi-disciplinary and integrated financial solutions across the entire debt financing spectrum.

Real Estate Finance

The group offers innovative financing solutions for real estate investment trusts, private equity sponsors, investment holdings companies and family offices. Investment And Fund Management. We manage fund and complex investment structures, including feeder & parallel funds as well as SPVs, such that there is higher level of data transparency in tracking fund and investor cash flow positions and return analysis.

Escrow Services

We offer Escrow Service to ensure all aspects of agreement between two(2) parties have been met and to complete the legal paperwork and transfer of funds once the transaction has been finalized.